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My iPod [28/08/2017]

Eat It | Hey Colossus | 2015

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The Untamed

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My iPod [22/08/2017]

Long Tall Sally [Live@The Star-Club, Hamburg, Germany] | Jerry Lee Lewis | 1964

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My iPod [15/08/2017]

Whole Lotta Love | Tina Turner | 1975

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Beyond The Twilight Zone…

Alright, it was a normal evening, a little dull and dragging but a normal evening… and then after three everything went nuts!!

A guy I’ve met a few times, and been party to a few conversations with, approaches me. I’m bored and wanting to go home but…

I tell him that the sound’s really loud and shrill and I can’t hear anything in that ear… he agrees with me but then keeps repeating himself over and over… Look, it’s really loud in here and I can’t hear anything you’re saying!! Yes, I know. It’s loud, but blah, blah, blah!! And off he goes again… more »

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My iPod [07/08/2017]

Love Theme For The Last Man | Teeth Of The Sea [ft. Rachel Davies] | 2016

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