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A Behind The Scenes Schnippet

… simultaneously, seems to know exactly what he wants and is just equally as open to something happening that he wasn’t planning on, and so he sets the whole thing up to go down that way.

John Pirruccello on David Lynch in an interview with Cameron Cloutier. more »

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Mary Anne Hobbs Schnippets

The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.

Francis Bacon more »

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A Curious Schnippet

… It’s less the feeling of something specifically ‘Indian’ or ‘Middle Eastern’ or other, too easily stereotypical summations of what whole ranges of music are like through a Western ear, and more like aiming for a suggestion of feeling that can’t be pinned down. (Almost like how the sixties psychedelia that underpins so much of what The Cure has done doesn’t return directly to the source material in turn but wanted to work in the spaces that it opened up instead. more »

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My iPod [25/12/2017]

Heron Oblivion | Sudden Lament | 2016

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Guillermo del Toro Schnippet

Everything, the way we see the world, I really believe this, is absolutely the way we see ourselves. The satisfactions, the hatreds, the fears, we feel for others, are all things that are incomplete in you. It has very little to do with others. Until you heal those things, then you can see people. I mean I love the idea of kintsugi… more »

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My iPod [18/12/2017]

David Bowie | Station To Station | 1976

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My iPod [11/12/2017]

Étoile de Dakar | Thiely | 1978

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