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My iPod [25/05/2009]

Most Played Song This Week:
Bonnie “Prince” Billy: Afraid Ain’t Me [2009]
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The Year Ahead: [update]

Things I’d be more than happy to see the back of (but which will inevitably still be there):

-> Rotating doors in department stores
-> Jewel cases for CDs
-> Placebo buttons at pedestrian crossings
-> The same dozen or so films on digital TV

Things I Can’t Make Up My Mind About:

-> Records

Things I Want To Happen:

-> Sssshh!
-> To finish that bloody book! 

Things That Will Happen:

-> My monitor will give up the ghost more »

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My iPod [18/05/2009]

Most Played Song This Week:

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Stuff & Nonsense #950

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DVD Commentary Schnippits

The “Once upon a time” opening of Un Chien Andalou was meant to lull us into fairy-tale receptivity. The footage of scurrying scorpions that opens L’Age D’or transports us not to Neverland but to some documentary space and time that is undefined, but hardly, surely, an age of gold. What this start does establish is the clinically distanced position which the film will take thereafter towards its human protagonists, lovers and love’s enemies alike. more »

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The Great Raymondo #025

Introducing The Great Raymondo | Tightrope-Walker

This Week: Walking the thin-line between…
Bail-Outs & Bullshit

So where did all the money go?

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Word Of The Week 13/05


The (too-common) sound of time and money going down the plug-hole.

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