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Poet-Writes-Prosery Schnippits

“… Black glass fascias of chain stores, each at a different height from its neighbour… Cornershops and supermarkets seemed to be covered in coloured plastic, like the goods they sold. All too soon the wrappings would be torn off and left to blow about municipal rose beds and recreation grounds. Somewhere, if I dared to raise my eyes above the crowded pavement, there must have been sky, but between it and me were concrete lamp standards, the tops of buses and enormous lorries… more »

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My iPod [30/03/2009]

Most Played Song This Week:
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The Great Raymondo #021

Introducing The Great Raymondo | Tightrope-Walker

This Week: Walking the thin-line between…
The Piggy-Bank Being Empty & A Government Not Willing To Admit Of The Piggy-Bank Being Empty

To a bankrupt bank from a bankrupt land
It wasn’t an accident, it wasn’t a mystery
It was calculated and the rest is history…

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Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy

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Stuff & Nonsense #945

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An Inconvenient Way To Pay

credit cards made less than convenient

Credit Card Validation. What is the point? I keep trying to find a means to remove myself from this process, but it doesn’t appear to be a possibility. As far as I can see, it’s only function is to make the purchasing process more cumbersome.

It’s just another password to not-be-able-to-remember, which means it probably needs to be recorded, and recorded somewhere handy – which, surely, immediately makes it a security liability. And then, you’ve got the password restrictions, which make the remembering that much more improbable. All of this is irrelevant, IF you use it regularly – and I guess, that’s what I assumed would happen when I first mistakenly signed-up (although thinking about it now, I can’t recall whether I actually had a choice). more »

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Word Of The Week 25/03


In the whole of March, there hasn’t been a View From The Window worth recording. It’s just been grey and nebulous, no subtle light, just been shite! more »

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