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One That Slipped Past

I’d feared the worst when I heard Brett was working with just a cellist, it suggested a long listen and a tune much missed – especially given some of the dull dirges he’s written on his own some in the past. But I belatedly came across this one and was much impressed by the BBC6 session from last week:

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…You have to look close
to see what this disease has done to me.

Cathedral Heat
Kristin Hersh

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My iPod [24/08/2008]

Most Played Song:
Kristin Hersh: Around Dusk [2008][3] more »

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Continuing A Rich Vein

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There’s something about squealing guitars, I still get the most brilliantly childish reaction to them!

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Why? [2]

BBC finally experiments with in-text ‘links’

The BBC is experimenting with the idea of linking out to external sources from within the body text of its news articles, in a trial which will last for four weeks.

However, the way it is going about this is, well…

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Other Days

…ash-tray eyes
and a perforated pride

Sweet Gene Vincent
Ian Dury

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