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World’s Worst Design #002

This one’s just bitterness. They’ve replaced them since, it’s just that I was stupid enough to buy them two-weeks before the new ones were made available.


The ear-bus are great, I mean, they’re not top of the range or anything, but their way better than the default Apple things. more »

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World’s Worst Design #001

It’s feeling like I’m making a recurring theme of this one, but…

Motorized Rotating Doors

Surely, the point of a door is to let people in and out of a room or building, if you didn’t wish people to enter or exit at that point you would just have a wall, no? more »

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What’s The Point?

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Odd Sights #001

I was visiting the Portrait Gallery, ostensibly it was for the Faces & Places exhibition (which was rather too small and too arbitrary for my liking), but I digress.

I looked in on the shop, there’s something about the shop there, more than any of the others, that always prompts me to look out for a decent book on sun-prints and the like, but there’s never what I’m looking for there.

As it happened, they did actually have some new one’s this time – but it was much more Fox-Talbot than Hill & McAdam – but I couldn’t get to them cos there’s this guy standing in the way. I waited, but he didn’t move. He wasn’t touching the books, he wasn’t holding them, he wasn’t reading any of them or flicking through them. At first, there was a woman next to him, as soon as she’d moved on he reached into his pocket and dug out his phone. It then becomes apparent that he’s taking pictures: is he taking pictures of the books or of the pictures on the front? He certainly takes a long time lining them up. If it’s just an aide-mémoire, why not text himself a note? Surely, the details of importance would be clearer? But that doesn’t even make sense, current art-books won’t be any cheaper anywhere else. Hmmm?

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Oh, Jesus Wept…

Shark attacks teen in bedroom

A Dudley teenager has survived being bitten in the face by a shark – in his own bedroom.

The boy was ‘attacked’ when he sleepwalked into a long-dead souvenir shark hanging on the wall, and was left with the creature embedded in his cheek and blood pouring from a wound.

His mother was awoken by her son’s screams but arrived too late to fend off the holiday souvenir. She said: “It was like something out of a horror film…

The boy who escaped with just a small scar, added: “It was the most frightening experience of my life.


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Nothing Here Works…

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Electric Toothbrushes #2

Well, it couldn’t last. The reason I bought an electric toothbrush in the first place was because I needed a new toothbrush, but the prices are ridiculous. For a crappy bit of plastic with some bristles, the prices keep going up and up, and all the while they keep removing lumps out of the plastic and someone’s practicing their topiary on the bristles.

If any other product was subject to this rate of inflation – we’ve all seen what happens when petrol goes up a few pennies more – the world would literally come to a standstill. The only time I can recall something similar was when I was a kid, there was an eighteen-month period where the price of a packet of crisps seemed to jump from 7p to 70p, and the only justification seemed to be that the packaging kept getting more refined but even then the contents kept shrinking.

Anyhow, that particular day the choice of stock seemed rather restricted, and there was some sort of offer on so that it actually seemed cheaper to buy an electric one than a manual one – which is ridiculous?!! But it sufficed to suck me in… more »

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