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Word Of The Day 23/03


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The Figurehead

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Not Getting It

My Occupational Therapist was conducting these tests to determine amongst other things the level of sensory perception via my fingers. I was blindfolded and had a series of objects placed in my hand and had to say what the object was. One of the objects I just couldn’t get. It was a small plastic-y cube, beyond that I had no idea. Eventually, I changed tack, stopped trying to feel for the answer, and just ransacked my brain for small pastic-y cuboid objects and by process of elimination asked dubiously if it was a dice? (Dubiously – because I couldn’t feel any indentations on the various surfaces.) Turns out it was a dice, but a sort of cheap printed one. Why would you hand a dice like that to someone wearing a blindfold? A dice that offered no tactile information or clues of any sort.

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Word Of The Day 17/03


FUCK IT!! Either I’m alive, or I’m fuckin’ dead! I can’t spend the rest of my fuckin’ life in a fuckin’ hospital bed! If you’re gonna keep putting this fuckin’ noose round my fuckin’ head, at least pull it tight and have fuckin’ done with it!

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Cos Bigger Means Better

Astoria to shut, says Ken
London Astoria is to be demolished, Mayor Ken Livingstone has confirmed.

Opened in 1976, the 2,000-capacity venue has hosted gigs by The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Oasis, Blur, Nirvana, Green Day, RATM and U2.

Livingstone said Crossrail’s plans for a new train station on the site in 2017 mean the venue can’t be saved. He added a “bigger and better” venue will open nearby in central London.

Planet Sound

Surely, it’s a successful venue because it’s the right size, it’s not too big and it’s not too small, and it’s in the right place (where it can afford the rent).

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Out Of Time

It’s one of those things you’re just not meant to do, it’s like if you don’t die when you were meant to, and you’re trying to (expecting to?) carry-on as before but there’s no longer a space for you: physically there’s no space (the clutter of life expands to fill the space available); administratively you don’t exist (you’re now a complication, an unwanted exception, a series of time-consuming adjustments and re-calculations); Emotionally there’s no space for you (they’ve closed that book and started reading something else). more »

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I was walking down the cycle-path, along the route of the old railway line – I say walking, but it was more of a racing limp with an occasional stab at the ground with my walking stick, just to keep me upright and in a straight-line. It was quiet, there were no cyclists at all, and the dog-walkers seemed to be being held in abeyance until Sunday. It’s a much flatter surface than you get on a pavement, it doesn’t suffer the maintenance, which makes it a less tiring experience to hobble along. more »

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