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Word Of The Day 30/10


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Word Of The Day 29/10


When your teeth are too frozen to chatter, and the aching of your jaws means unclenching them is way too painful a consideration!

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I Guess I’ll Keep Walking

 Wasteland |

I came across this at – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language – By Randall Munroe.

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Word Of The Day 27/10


I don’t know if it’s the last wave of tourists, or the first tides of Christmas shoppers, but they’re a nightmare to navigate through/around/over/under/… Oh! Let me lie ahull on the internet again, I feel like a bleedin’ land-lubber on the High Street these days.

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Word Of The Day 26/10


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Positive Thinking[?]

It works better with the more minimal ‘demo’ version, but er… no video to be found…

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Word Of The Day 24/10


I can’t really do the pronunciation in writing, but it requires a scraping of the top of the back of the throat (which is the satisfying capturing of the essence of internalised frustration) which is then sustained by ricocheting the scrapings off of the roof of the mouth. It’s a rather dog-like effect, but for a dog it’s a more openly and outwardly aggressive statement.

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