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I don’t know why I was thinking about this, but it popped into my head from somewhere. The Women’s 110m Hurdles (on television), it’s a revolting sight. more »

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Wot I did hear today



I was listening to The Walker Brothers’ Nite Flights as well, I’d never realised before that that was the moment when David Bowie stopped singing and started using the flat, thick, bellowed yawn (often with a rather Australian-sounding attempt at a fake Laandon accent), that characterised much of his late-70s output and all of his 80s output, instead.

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Ow! Turn It Off

I was watching Educating Rita. It’s still as good a film as it ever was, but the music’s as fucking awful as it ever was! I keep hoping a Ted Turner-type will come along and start working through all of the films from the 1980s one-by-one and extract all of that crappy-shitty-tinny-cheap-and-nasty synthesized music. It degenerates so many films, to tinker with those soundtracks could only be an improvement in almost every case.

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Stuff & Nonsense #911

Yay, he’s been dead 30 years now!
How do/why would you celebrate the anniversary of someone’s demise (unless they were evil!!). Can you even celebrate someone’s birthday if they’re not there?
Suicide side-issue at the Spector trial
Umm, would you expect to find lots of references to the word suicide on someone’s PC? If you did find email references surely that suggests the opposite, and is very much more the old crying for attention game? No?
Kate (G)Nash
Good luck to her and all, but it seems the sort of thing that’ll be irritating the hell out of me by the middle of next week and you find yourself stuck with it, because your other half likes it, and you said you liked it last week, and with every play it starts to grate more… and you start to hope that you’re never going to have to hear it again, you even start to pine for the Scissor Sisters! Still, I guess it’s an improvement on Rihanna – I still haven’t even heard that one, and do I care?
Tricky business
I don’t care about his new label, when’s his next album out?
Scorpio Sinking
When I saw that footage of the yellow school bus teetering on the edge of oblivion, I couldn’t help but think whether they tried to keep the kids calm by leading them through a sing-along: Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream, perchance?
Keep ‘Em Coming

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