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Stuff & Nonsense #910

iPod crap
It looks like something your kid would take a crap in(/on?)!
Anti-DRM Rant
Hmm, strangely lacking in context and the picture doesn’t help!
More New Order mud-slinging
It’s somehow offensive to the laws of nature that such an unpleasant bunch of cunts could ever have made such good music – although even that was such a long time ago.
More Dissembling
Another Specter, Another Legal Farce
More Demented Cannabis Claims
…if one wishes to find good quality source material for a good debunking, then I can heartily recommend that you open any newspaper and scour the news sections for the words ‘health correspondent’.ministryoftruth

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The Other Side Of The Street

I usually favour She Loves You over this one, but I don’t know if I’ve inadvertently changed the settings on me iPod of late, but the bass on this one feels alive of late.

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Awkward Silence

I feel like shit at the moment, with a flu that can’t quite make it on to the stage and is instead stomping around backstage to make its presence felt. So I keep waking up rather early and, unable to get back to sleep, take refuge in the television.

So this morning, I stumble across the BBC’s Breakfast show. Well, I wasn’t watching it, it was just making noises in the background whilst I was going through the motions of checking the news stories on teletext, knowing full well that it was still too early for anything to be happening…

Anyway, they had this piece that was a response to the BBC Asian Network Poll which indicated that more than a third of British Asians do not feel British (I mean really, who does?). But they were choosing to concentrate on other findings, like 84% being satisfied with life in Britain and almost half thinking they have more opportunities here. And it was an excuse to wheel out the same old clip from Goodness Gracious Me, yet again!

And then one of the guests was explaining that it IS possible to find your identity in Britain, if you build a culture around yourself, partly by taking a pick-and-mix approach to various sub-culture outlets (well, again, isn’t that true for all of us?), and then right at the end she pointed out the obvious, that there’s very little Asian representation in the mainstream. And the presenters treated us to a bout of synchronised, white-liberal, jaw-dropping and a stunned silence, and you could see the little cogs whirring behind their eyes – but, but, but, we’ve just shown the same tired old clip from Goodness Gracious Me, the one clip that happened to stumble into the mainstream all those years ago…

… And then they were saved, not do much by the bell, as by the re-introduction of the endless barrage of idents and punctuating theme music, and let’s repeat the headlines (that haven’t changed since the last time, given it’s still this time in the morning!)

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London To Brighton

i was watching London To Brighton. Gawd! I’m so sick of these Grim Britain films! It’s not a Britain that I’m seeing out there, and it just seems to be an excuse for crap writers to scribble out half a story on the back of a beermat and not have to bother actually developing any characters.

More Grim Britain SHIT! more »

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Queen to mark diamond anniversary

The Queen will be the first reigning sovereign to celebrate the milestone, said Buckingham Palace.

And how exactly does a non-reigning sovereign celebrate a wedding-anniversary? I mean either they is sovereign or they is not! And you can hardly keep chalking up wedding anniversaries after one party to the marriage has become deceased – doesn’t till death us do part ring any bells out there!

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Just Because

It’s not as good as the audio recording, but I still never tire of it.

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Another Death Knell For Sunday Bullshit

The continuing decline of The Absurder.

I liked this comment by ‘Stever’:
I’ve just had a rather distressing trip to the newsagents. I couldnt buy the Observer on principle, and I couldnt buy the IOS for similar reasons (the cannabis bollocks from a few months back). With a heavy heart i bought the Times, but i suspect that my era of sunday papers purchasing is approaching its end. more »

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