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Espers Embers

I went to see Espers again. I was surprised they were back in Edinburgh so soon – does that mean the album’s actually shifting some units? Unfortunately they were just supporting Gruff Rhys, I had hoped (beyond hope) that because it was being billed as part of the Triptych festival that they might get more than a support slot – but alas ’twere not to be. more »

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A young Johannesburg gang leader accidently kidnaps a baby and undergoes a process of redemption… if by a process of redemption you mean he returns from being emotionally dead to emotionally 0.00000001% undead, but during this transformation he inexplicably kills and tortures (pretty much) every male that crosses his path… YAWN! more »

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The Bicycle Thieves

I’ve been avoiding this one for years (well over a decade). It’s like The Leopard, it’s always in the listings at one oe other of the art-house cinemas. I presume there’s some quota of Italian films that has to be honoured to ensure some EU subsidy or some such. I think it was because of The Leopard that I’ve been avoiding this one, they’re both praised to the skies in the listings, but neither the same level of enthusiasm, applause or critical reverence ever seem to be reflected in real opinions. more »

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That Maxwell Thing

I keep seeing these same trailers. It’s not selling me. He doesn’t look like what I remember as Maxwell, he doesn’t look corrupt, crude or corpulent enough. David Suchet doesn’t look old enough, he looks more like Ray Reardon, he looks like a nice, happy, smiley sort of guy. Ultimately he looks too much like David Suchet – I can’t find the means to suspend my disbelief. It’s not so much why bother? as how can I?.

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The Letting Go

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Well, I know it’s a couple of years old, but I still can’t see what it won the Palme D’Or for. It’s a nothing film. The actors/characters all look like actors/characters you’ve seen before, the location looked like a grim industrial location you’ve seen before, the story I have definitely seen before. It was watchable, but I wouldn’t watch it again, more to the point it felt like I had watched it too many times already. more »

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I received yet another ‘Friend’ request on myspace, this time from a 27-year old woman with strangely late middle-aged male musical tastes, and a strangely American profile for someone from the UK, but nothing new there…

The bit that got me attention was: Heroes My hero is probably Aaron Ralston because it takes a lot of courage and dignity to be able to sever your own arm, even if he did it to survive.

I’ve no idea who/what Aaron Ralston is, but it takes a lot of… dignity to be able to sever your own arm??!!!

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