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El Dorado

I decided to walk to work the other morning, and my chosen soundtrack was a Kristin Hersh playlist which basically pitted the 50Foot Wave album against Learn To Sing Like A Star. It was all well and good until El Dorado started-up and I started crying. more »

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That Was A Waste Of An Eye

I finally finished The bloody Bell Jar. Even if it hadn’t been completely shit, I’m finding it really hard work trying to read with one eye. more »

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Texts To Deter Illegal Migrants

Text messages reminding people not to overstay their visas are part of a new drive by the government to clamp down on illegal migrants.

OH SHIT! They’re gonna be bricking it. Text messages. Tick… tick… tick… surely the only long-term consequence will be that people won’t give any branch of Government their mobile phone numbers. The only people who will be genuinely worried by this will be legitimate migrants (or citizens) who’ve been sent a message by mistake, and this is the British Government so let’s not pretend that’s not gonna be happening continually.

But wait…

The policy has been welcomed by the Association of Chief Police Officers. Spokesman Grahame Maxwell said it was “a really positive step forward for the Home Office, police and other agencies”.

Wow! Yeah! I hadn’t thought that through. Of course, this policy will allow three different agencies to pretend they’re doing something, and to be seen to be doing something (even if the something they’re doing is completely fucking pointless) and only one person will have to punch in a couple of numbers to harass thousands of people and never actually have to get up off their arse. And it’ll be a one-way transmission so they’ll be no right of reply, they won’t actually have to deal with anyone that’s upset or enraged, so it won’t be their problem!

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Running Late

My musical summary of 2006:


CD Cover [front]: 2006
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Two Voters Want Kennedy back

Voters want Charles Kennedy back as Liberal Democrat leader, a poll for BBC Two’s Newsnight suggests.

49% of those questioned thought Charles Kennedy would be a better leader than Sir Menzies Campbell – who polled 22% in the ICM survey of 1,005 people.

So… twice as many people prefer a leader they can recognise and who doesn’t look as if he’s about to drop-down-dead? D-uh!

But wait …

The Newsnight poll – carried out by ICM over the past two days – also found that just 6% believed Sir Menzies would make the best prime minister, compared with 28% for Gordon Brown and 29% for David Cameron.

So, 49% of the 94% of voters who ain’t gonna vote Lib Dem in the first place would prefer to have a name they can put a face to, when they decide not to vote for them.

And that’s ignoring the fact that unless they live in the relevant constituencies they ain’t gonna be offered an opportunity to vote for either of these gentleman in the first place; and the more fundamental fact that voters everywhere have no say whatsoever as to who’s going to be the next Prime Minister – just ask Gordon Brown!

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Good News/Bad News

Well, first the Good News;
… and then some Bad News

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Too Bizarre To Be Random

I switch on the flashbox at half one in the morning and find the original Star Trek. Weird – it’s not a programme that I’d expect to find on at that time.

Weird – I don’t usually watch the Earth-bound episodes, it takes so much of what I like out of the equation and unbalances all that was special about the programme at it’s best. It also means that I have no recall of this episdode.

Weird – there was this Guys And Dolls thing going on – Joan Collins as Jean Simmons.

Weird – there was also an On The Waterfront thing going on – to no great purpose.

Weird – it was set in 1930s New York. Joan Collins weren’t 1930s, she wasn’t New York,and she definitely wasn’t American.

Weird – Joan Collins eyebrows clearly had more money spent on them than the rest of the episode put together.

Weird – Joan Collins character was called Edith Keeler, in one tract of time she would be involved with politicians and inadvertently pave the way for the enemy to come out on top, in this case Germany to win the A-bomb race.

Weird – I’ve never had cause to think of Joan as a actress of any great talent, obviously she has presence, but in that company she clearly was of a higher class. It’s what she didn’t do and the ridiculous amounts of make-up she wasn’t wearing.

Weird – all of these streams were not subtle and yet the conflation seemed too bizarre to be random.

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