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Stuff & Nonsense #917

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This is pathetic, and yet this shit seems to be gettin’ more prevalent by the day. A year ago this sort of thing was still only another example of American excess. Even political correctness in it’s 90s heyday didn’t develop at this rate!

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QUOTE: ‘Talking Bollocks’

If you enjoy hearing people saying ‘he ticks all the boxes’ then this was the week for you. For me, the phrase, ‘he ticks all the boxes’ ticks none of the boxes except the one marked ‘talking bollocks’.

I’m not sure what the origins of this phrase are but I recall hearing it on some X Pop Academy Factor type programme a few years ago. Some people seem to think that saying it now constitutes perception. It sounds like an ad executive’s phrase designed to sound like you know something but say nothing. It should be exorcised from the English language.

But it was said all week by callers to 5live, by journalists, presenters and pundits all commenting on Fabio Capello. What is so bloody annoying is that these boxes they keep talking about are never defined but are referred to as though everyone knows what they are. Well, in my book one of the boxes should say ‘must own all of PFM’s Italiano prog rock albums’. What? Not one of yours? See. It’s rubbish.

Hating Them There English-Manglers…
John Nicholson

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I forgot to turn the sound off when the adverts came on: there was an advert for a Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Hits’ or whatever it happens to be packaged as… ‘Oh, the humanity!‘ Even after all these years, the pain cannoned through each of my teeth before the vibrations seared through my jaw bone and then my skull. It was agony! And that was before my ears noticed it!

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Stuff & Nonsense #916

Why Pick Names From The Second & Third Tiers?

Madonna to be inducted into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Star set to join the likes of REM, U2 and The Clash.


Ike Turner

IKE TURNER 1931-2007

He deserved more respect for his musical contribution, given the number of frankly rather unpleasant junkies that get revered. Rocket ’88 and it’s ‘Go Raymond! Go!…‘ was more than enough to earn it.

His widow doesn’t exactly make a case for him, though:

I’m not defending what he did. I’m not saying he didn’t do what he did when he was with Tina or me… But there’s something called forgiveness and I know Ike really forgave himself…

Ike Turner’s widow ask Tina Turner to ‘forgive’ him
Jeanette Turner

The Cost Of Incompetance

You have to hand it to the FA. They’ve done very, very well. The recruitment of a man who admitted he wanted the job even before Steve McClaren had cleared out his desk with a £6.5m-a-year deal that makes Sven-Goran Eriksson’s £4m-a-year contract Scroogelike is the very definition of efficient headhunting.

Just how did they manage it? No doubt it’s a question that will be asked time and time again by the governing body’s accountants as they avoid the backslapping in the next FA board meeting and try to work out just how much money is left in the FA’s coffers after missing out on Euro 2008 (estimated cost anything between £10m and £50m), paying off Steve McClaren (£2.5m), hiring Capello (around £25m for four years) and his many assistants (make up your own figure).

If you ask Mediawatch, that Barwick fellow also deserves a pay rise for a job so well done.

Job Well Done

Fuckin’ ‘Ell

Neil Young has announced a series of UK tour dates for next March… Edinburgh, Playhouse (March 3)

£65 fucking quid! For a gig at the fuckin’ Playhouse! You couldn’t pay me to suffer another gig at the Playhouse… !!!

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Gray Day

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Aaarghh! Shit!

Rob Newman’s History of the world backwards – made me laugh out loud for the first time – had been sporadically amusing, but – he was describing the last words of the last humanoid-form individual that could speak. Climbing towards some prominotry to make a pronouncement with the species’ final words. He trips, falls, rolls – final words are Ow! Fuck! Bastard! Bastard! Bastard! Aaarghh! Shit! AAaarrgghhhhhh!

It was funny because… that IS my life at the moment.

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