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Snake Oil Shenanigans

I nicked this one wholesale from Bad Science, who nicked it wholesale from this months Viz:

Give our kids brain boost oil.
By our science correspondent Old Mother Shipton.

Parents in Nottingham are demanding that their children be given free Snake Oil in order to improve their examination results.
Snake Oil, though not scientifically accepted as a ‘brain suplement’ or ‘food’, has long been associated with increased brain function in pub conversations and newspaper columns, a fact which parents are keen to see reflected in school spending.

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Bollocks, Sir!

Richard Branson has attacked record companies for not standing up to supermarkets, who the Virgin boss says are kiling off record shops.

Richard Branson: ripping people off was so much easier in the old days more »

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Abandon Faith

It’s bad for your health, your safety, and your society. There is evidence that a strongly theistic, anti-evolution culture will suffer markedly worse homicide, mortality, STD, youth pregnancy, marital and related problems than cultures where societal conditions, secularization, and acceptance of evolution approach European norms more »

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Is There Anything Worse?

… than the arsehole who keeps saying Cheer Up, Man! everytime he runs out of anything else to say, especially when it’s his droning voice and the constant repetition of his meagre portfolio of anecdotes that’s…. AAAAAARRGGGHHHH!!!

Even the old hippy in the corner, meditating his lunch-break away, has adopted the contorted grimace-teeth gnashing-lotus position.

SHUTTT-UPPPP!!!! more »

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When All Else Fails

A picture saves me having to think of something to say, so here’s a sprinkling of Erwin Blumenfeld’s…

Erwin Blumenfeld, Paris, c.1937 more »

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Inaptly Named

A page is lifted, it hesitates, catching in the draft, before falling back down, grinning, its need for vengeance satiated.

The most pointless, nebulous, nothing of a picture I’ve seen in a long time. more »

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Blood Wringing Bastards!

Oh, this’ll be a whine about the record industry then. So if whining is not to your taste, without the dining, don’t read on. more »

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