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One Song To The Tune Of Another

I’ve been reading Roland Barthes’ Mythologies, but strangely the essay entitled The Romans In Films didn’t bring to mind images of Marlon Brando, James Mason, John Gielgud, Louis Calhern or even Edmond O’Brien… more »

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An Antitdote To Summer

And now… at last… what you’ve all been waiting for… the antitdote to summer is finally here:


CD Cover [front]: A Summer's Mourning
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Journey To The End Of The Night

I came across this review on Amazon the other day and it just made me laugh, so… it was for Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Celine:

I live in Ireland in 2005, it’s funny how our own corrupt, drunken, unsympathetic and acquisitive little country bears no fundamental difference from the world as described by Celine. Far from being depressed by this knowledge I find it liberating, I am confirmed in my view that human nature remains constant, change is slow and the semblance of civilisation is but a illusion manufactured and promulgated by a weak and spineless media.

By Reviewer: daveburke5.

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Bush Babies

The best report I saw last week was Jon Stewart exposing yet more hypocrisy behind Bush’s stem cell veto:

George: I think its important to promote a culture of life… A society where every being counts, every person matters… How many Iraq citizens have died in this war? Umm. I would say 30,000 more or less.

… each one precious. more »

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Random Musings (Hardly Inspirational)

I was on the bus and it got stuck at traffic lights for an eternity or two, and I’m looking around distractedly and there’s a Church with a poster outside showing a bunch of grapes and the banner-line: And the Lord Said I Am The True Vine.

St. James Chuch, Inverleith Row, Edinburgh

Hmmm … more »

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Beeb Beeps Bye-Bye

BBC News seems to have descended into an absolute joke in the last couple of months. Their correspondents seem to have to spend their time conducting vox pops with random passers-by on the street: “So what do you think about being bombed?” more »

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The Piano Crouches In The Corner With All Its Teeth Bared

Re: The Piano Teacher : dir. Michael Haneke : 2001

Film | The Piano Teacher
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