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Wherever You Are If You’re There

I came across the Polish Poster Gallery,
particularly the work of Stasys Eidrigevicius

Poster [#.1] for Andre Tarkovsky's Mirror by Stasys EidrigeviciussPoster [#.2] for Andre Tarkovsky's Mirror by Stasys Eidrigeviciuss

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When Dim-Witted Quadrupeds Ruled The World

Oh my gawd, have you read this

Film | shrek

From a country whose two most prized human traits are the size of its stomachs and intelligence occluded with religious fundamentalism! more »

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And Before You Let The Sun In, Mind It Wipes Its Shoes

Albrecht Durer's apocalyptic dream.

The watercolour and accompanying text describe an apocalyptic dream which Dürer had on the night of 7-8 June 1525. more »

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Just Don’t Read The Lyrics

The essence of a lyric is simplicity – it’s job is to keep pushing you along, keep reinforcing the mood, the feel, the atmosphere, the emotional pitch, but not to get in the way.

I know fuck all about bullfighting, but it seems like the appropriate analogy so I’ll give this a go: more »

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Nice Words

There’s this ridiculous homogeneity today, but you’ve got to ignore that. You’ve got to ignore the ephemeral. Maybe other people can’t imagine it existing right now, but there’s so much beauty – and if there isn’t, people should make it.

Jolie Holland, 15/06/2006.

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From The Precipice Of The Fantastic: Grasp The Mundane

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The Myth Of Progress

I suppose it should go down as a good day for the good of sport. The sports-reporters had all gathered after lunch on a summer Sunday for the return from drug-induced banishment of Dwain Chambers – was that worth a celebration? more »

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