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Links To Help Cynics Sink Lower #1

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From The Mouth Of The Most Eloquent Whore-House Owner In The Whole Wide Fuckin’ World:

Welcome to fucking Deadwood!

Ian McShane as Al Swearengen in Deadwood, enjoying an anal probing.
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I was watching Denis Tanovic’s L’Enfer. The final scene, with just the dialogue of the eyes …

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To Hell In A Think Tank!

Why is it that these Think Tank’s can’t think of anything new? Identity cards, which is their default option, is off the table so it’s back to selling-off Radio.1. They get funded for these ideas don’t they? They could just write it on a wall and make sure nobody paints over it – it’s gotta be more cost effective! more »

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Now That Keef’s OK, Spare A Thought For…

The story started as a one-day wonder, stated with straight-faced disbelief in report after report. Keef ends up in hospital and his spokesperson can only conjure up the lamest of excuses. Nobody believed it, not for a minute: …injuries sustained after “falling from a tree”. With each repetition the emphasis on the parenthesis grew louder. more »

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Could’ve Been, Should’ve Been… Was Never Gunner Be

Well, I’ve seen the odd Dream Final, saw one last week as it goes. And Monsieur, zat was no Dream Final, but it sure looked like normal service from Arsenal in a cup final. Even without the sending off they didn’t seem to be sparking and they all looked knackered long before the end. Oh, and so bitter afterwards. Still, always had a soft spot for Barca, and they were the better team.

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