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Are We There Yet?

Gasping - but somehow still alive. This is the fierce last stand of all I am
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Our American cities are disappearing under the weight of corporate giants who drive out competition while peddling sameness. Once the rents go up, no store other than a chain can afford to pursue the all-important Coed Consumer Monster, waving Daddy’s credit card.
Over twenty years of touring the states, I’ve watched local accents and local music slip away from cities like Austin, Texas, Athens, Georgia and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. So sad! There used to be places to go in this country, pictures to take, people to meet. Now they look the same and sound the same. We even eat the same food! Do you remember regional cuisine? Can you really find any? It’s even happening in foreign places like Europe, Asia, Australia, even my beloved New Zealand!

Just for irony’s sake, I’ve kloned this from Kristin Hersh’s blog, after she’s already kloned it herself.

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The Patron Saint Of Self-Promotion

So the Princess of front-page photos is back to haunt us again – well at least, like a stopped clock, the Daily Express gets to look topical once every ten years.

What was the point of wasting millions of pounds on an enquiry that wasn’t going to tell us anything from the outset, even if they’re hadn’t been fifty-seven previous enquiries and inquests investigating the matter. more »

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Gross Distortion

I found this advert, which made me laugh at least…
If he's lucky, Dirty Harry will find himself a damn fine cup of coffee. more »

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Is It That Time, Already?

Department store shareholders are out whinging again already!

Alright, so we’ve just limped into December and there it is. The first news report aimed at shaming us all into spending more. more »

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Snake Oil Shenanigans

I nicked this one wholesale from Bad Science, who nicked it wholesale from this months Viz:

Give our kids brain boost oil.
By our science correspondent Old Mother Shipton.

Parents in Nottingham are demanding that their children be given free Snake Oil in order to improve their examination results.
Snake Oil, though not scientifically accepted as a ‘brain suplement’ or ‘food’, has long been associated with increased brain function in pub conversations and newspaper columns, a fact which parents are keen to see reflected in school spending.

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Bollocks, Sir!

Richard Branson has attacked record companies for not standing up to supermarkets, who the Virgin boss says are kiling off record shops.

Richard Branson: ripping people off was so much easier in the old days more »

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