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Word Of The Week 04/07


def. On Monday, I tried to purchase some groceries in one of the local Sainsbury’s but… the card reader could not detect the chip. I had to remove my already bagged items from the self-service till and join the queue for the cashier, who eventually removed my items from one bag to place them in another but then wouldn’t accept my explanation regarding the chip and insisted on embarrassing me by having me try it, then trying it himself and eventually giving up and swiping it and… then having to go and hunt for a pen so that I could sign the invoice. I then went across the road to Tesco and tried to purchase some additional items, only to find the self-service machine there couldn’t detect a chip either, nor could the cashier’s reader, but… the international student manning that till couldn’t even get the magnetic strip to read and I had to pay by cash!!!! I ordered a new card!! more »

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Word Of The Week 30/03


def. Attending a job interview when you’ve already realized you don’t want the job but couldn’t afford to turn down, and then gradually becoming aware of how many problems and difficulties it’s gonna cause you, if they’re even insane enough to offer it to you.

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Word Of The Week 02/06


def. Irony [and some!]

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Word Of The Week 13/05


The (too-common) sound of time and money going down the plug-hole.

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Word Of The Week 06/05


Example #3 from the GP’s well-thumbed ‘The Handbook Of Appropriate (But Not At All Convincing) Things To Say’

eg. Well, it’s actually quite common and in most cases…

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Word Of The Week 23/04


When multiple mistakes add up to something after all

eg. Many years back, in the days of vinyl, and more specifically back in the days when a birthday windfall would be quickly converted to an immediate computation of exactly which records, at which price, and in which store, would give me the maximum return for my pennies (plus the cost of the blank tapes to copy them onto for the benefit of my Walkman).

One of the titles on the whistle-stop purchasing spree that day was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Greatest Hits. Only, in my quite unnecessary rush that day, I picked up Volume.2 instead of Volume.1 (quite how, I don’t know cos the second volume had a truly hideous cover that you couldn’t mistake for anything else, but…) more »

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