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Lost And Found Schnippet

“I am beyond Left and Right, as I am Good and Evil.

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Timely Schnippet

Free Speech is, therefore, the very best proof of good government; it is like the coldness of a dog’s nose. Men whose conscience is void of offense before God and man, and who are busy with their work, do not give a damn what fools and knaves are saying about them.

Aleister Crowley

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Personal Anarchy & Magick

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Old Hunting Grounds Schnippet

There is still a city with the same name, and there are streets with the same names too, in the same locations, but what happens there now is so transformed, in thought, word and deed, that it is not the same place. Is it better, or worse? I cannot really tell. It is certainly different. If I could go back there for a day, as I am now, I think I should hurry away as quickly as possible and be glad the day was over. If I could go back there as I was then, I wouldn’t like it much more. We were between eras, drifting and vulnerable to novelty. We had stopped believing in what we once believed in, and had found nothing new to like instead.

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Intriguing Without Context

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