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Exactly, Schnippet

The moral panic about “fake news” is far more cynical than he suggests (and would be allowed to suggest in a corporate media outlet like the Guardian). It is at worst being engineered, at best being exploited, by the corporate media to maintain their own dominant, fake news narrative – a narrative that keeps voters uninformed and docile in the face of the corporations’ ever-more entrenched hold on power in supposedly democratic western states.

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Tedium Schnippet

The referee in any sport has traditionally been seen as the pantomime villain, the bad guy. Match-going supporters boo, catcall and sometimes abuse the ‘bastard in black’, but this was usually confined to the 90 minutes in the ground, plus a few more on the walk home.

Somewhere along the line, things changed. The refereeing witch hunt has become Saturday and Sunday night entertainment show, every decision replayed and dissected in the search for precious incompetence…

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Aleister Crowley Schnippets

“Every one interprets everything in terms of his own experience. If you say anything which does not touch a precisely similar spot in another man’s brain, he either misunderstands you, or doesn’t understand you at all.”

Aleister Crowley, Diary Of A Drug Fiend. more »

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Forgotten Schnippet

I fear that the current media campaign against the “alt-right” is simply a way to distract Americans from their true enemies. Now that “Trump’s a Russian agent” has played itself out, the “Trump’s a racist” narrative comes back into play. But the same bastards who promote “Trump’s a Russian agent” and “Trump’s a racist” are the ones who unleash illegal wars abroad, while conducting domestic terrorism at home (through increased surveillance, economic policies that devastate inner cities and suburbs, and a for-profit prison system). Our predominant enemy is not the local yahoo waving a Confederate flag, but the Wall Street tycoon who is destroying America.

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Another Monday Morning Schnippet

“Just listen to any phone-in and you’ll routinely hear punters who have swallowed whole whatever tabloid or government orthodoxy that has become common currency this week… They pick up on some simple slogan and then repeat it in lieu of actual detailed knowledge or learning.

Just because you and I surround ourselves with people who are not like this, that doesn’t mean they’re not out there and out there in large numbers. My pal said after weeks of campaigning in her constituency during the election, she thought the vast majority of the public were “too ignorant about almost everything to know how ignorant they even were”… The gap between the well-informed, well-considered view and the rest is very wide and lopsided.

When your sources of information are half-digested half-truths from press and media, mixed with fictional stories on Facebook and Twitter and an inability to apply intellectual rigour to any of these things, you end up with a pliant electorate capable of being easily manipulated for profit. Look! Boobs!

John Nicholson

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Another Huysmans Schnippet

“Now it was all over… the jovial bourgeois lorded it over the country, putting his trust in the power of money and the contagiousness of his stupidity. The result of his rise to power had been the suppression of all intelligence, the negation of all honesty, the destruction of all art…” more »

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Poppy Schnippet

… The truth is that most people who die in wars don’t die heroically. They die brutal deaths that achieve nothing. They die in fear. They die painfully. Poppies help to propagate the dangerous myth that war itself is something heroic, that our participation in wars, so many wars, is something that we should be proud of. Nothing could be further from the truth. War is failure. War means that negotiations have broken down, that words will not suffice, that trust has gone, and all that remains is brutal violence. War may inspire individual acts of heroism in a minority, but war itself is not heroic. It’s a tragedy. It’s a great wrong. It’s the destruction of human lives, and all too often it’s all for nothing except the entrenchment in power of the already powerful. Remembering wars shouldn’t be an occasion for pride, remembering wars should make us all weep for the senseless loss of so many lives.”


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