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Stuff & Nonsense #1035

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Sustaining the family with cyanide!

Would have made an uninteresting snap!
I found this postcard, inside a book, at work the other day. I couldn’t understand why it was worthy of being a postcard, it’s essentially some litter washed up on a beach, but as a picture it doesn’t have a focal point. I mean, it would make sense if it had just been a snap and there were family members gathered in front of the tree (but even that would make just as much sense without the tree at all!)

On flipping it over though, I discovered that it had actually been a finalist in a photographic competition (Jeezes! How bad were… !!). On reading further, I discovered the inevitable spiritual shit:

A tree on the shore spreads roots that survived the torrents of the oceans, just as the roots of family and friends sustain us through the torrents of life.

(… and now you can puke!!!).
I hate to break it to someone, but that tree is dead. That is a dead tree. That is a large chunk of rotting wood, it certainly don’t have no roots, and if it did the salt water would soon be killing them off!!!

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Ha/Hmm (knowingly)

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Stuff & Nonsense #961

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Stuff & Nonsense #957

-> Boos,
-> Booze,
-> Bullshit,
-> And More Bullshit!
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A Day Not At Work

The Situation:
Because I’m working on Saturday morning, I get Friday orrf.

So What Happens:
Two minutes after the time I would have finished, had I been working Friday and not Saturday, I get an email from my supervisor:

Hi Michael,

I had intended to speak to you today about Sat working, but now realise that this is your day off.

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