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My iPod [16/10/2017]

Buried Guns | Out Lines | 2017


‘The Age of Magic’ Schnippets

Does that mean there is no authentic self? Are we made of habits, compressed by time, like layered rocks?

Ben Okri

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A Bullet For The General (Italian)


Violent Summer


The Invisible Cities Of Edinburgh

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This study is concerned with examining the evolution of status areas in the context of Edinburgh. Status areas were defined in three period analyses in 1855, 1914 and 1962…

(Gordon, 1971, vol.1:(i))

Only the second volume of this thesis was able to be scanned at this time, and so the many maps, charts, and illustrations it contained were all discovered without the context of the main volume, and as it turned out the first volume didn’t hold as much interest: despite the methodology employed, and for all the work that had been bled into it, it was one of those that only sought to confirm what was already obvious. But even 50 years on, each of the maps, charts, and illustrations offer snapshots that remain so much more evocative than that…

Invisible Cities (Calvino, 1972/1974) also examines how cities change, and how they must continue to change lest they become a dead city, like Troy or a city being reduced to a facade and dying, like Venice. Each of the snapshots below, shows a very different city with different characters and different purposes, of different smells and appearances, and very different populations: “cities of delight and desire, cities tinged with regrets, vibrant cities, failing cities, seemingly impossible cities that defy logic and time” (Yuen, 2015) and each pretending to the same name and approximate location of ‘Edinburgh’. more »


My iPod [09/10/2017]

Great Expectations | Miles Davis | 1969


Placebo@The Usher Hall