Never Said ‘Bout The Real Thing Schnippet

… all this sugar free diet artificial sweetener nonsense is exactly that, nonsense

Drinks containing artificial sweetener make you thirsty so you drink more of the stuff because that’s how these chemicals work so more sales for the drinks company who are probably in league with the chocolate companies who reduce their nice natural sugar causing you to consume even more chocolate in the hope that your craving for sugar forces you to want even more

When this garbage all started they advertised it as *reduce your weight as part of a calorie controlled diet* so all the fat folk jumped right in and started drinking the shit and forced themselves to go around saying they preferred the taste all in the hope of losing weight

They didnae and they won’t because obesity isn’t caused by sugar it’s only caused by the over consumption of sugar and sitting on yer Arse too much whereas the now super duper chemical additives they’ve created to fool your brain it’s tasty tasty very very tasty taste like shit and nobody will tell us what these chemicals are going to do to us are they

Hummingbirds live on nothing but sugar and there’s sod all wrong with them (huvnae seen a fat one) because they flap their wings a million times a day

Kids are getting fatter because they eat 100 McDonalds a week and 100 kentucky fried chickens after that before they have their tea which is a carry out that’s phoned in and delivered to your door, they don’t even walk round for the stuff any more

I was brought up on natural sugar in my ginger and full fat milk in my corn flakes and when I could afford my weekly treat of chocolate it was lovely and full of normal fat they way we used to like it, and I’ve never been fat in my life because I was too poor when I was young and walked to school 3 miles there and 3 miles back and then went oot tae play rain hail or shine 7 days a week

Sitting in “Your room” was not an option coz ye didnae huv wan, ye didnae huv onything so you went ootside and ran aboot playing kick the can or kiss kick or torture wae the lassies, even hide n seek if ye were desperate

More folk seem to have more stuff wrong with them these days so more folk need to do more stuff to activate their lazy bodies and also try a wee bit of actual cooking with ingredients n stuff, and that doesn’t mean frozen bloody nuggets under the grill that contain more fat than a whales Arse

I’m excluding the diabetic side of all this because there are other factors involved in that and I don’t want to over simplify and complicate at the same time

Suffice it to say leave ma ginger alane I like it with sugar in it and I’ve got some semblance of self control thank you very much

Dr Jim
Comment on: Off the Bru, 4 January, 2018 at 11:47 am

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