Maybe Next Year Schnippets

I firmly believe tabloid papers make Britain more unhappy and cynical. Their ceaseless need to fill website and pages has led to oceans of vacuity and columns of cheap vulgarity and creepy voyeurism smothered in covert racism and sexism, which at times strays into outright misogyny…

Little else impacts so negatively and so consistently on British life.

John Nicholson

… it’s hard to see it as anything other than a depressing negative which later than sooner will kill the goose that is laying the golden eggs. An existential crisis is brewing, as spending rises ever higher and reduces competition between a top six and the rest, more and more the question will be asked, ‘What’s the point in even trying to compete?’. And once the spirit of competition is undermined, the whole league is devalued and becomes redundant. Hurrah!

Johnny reviews 2017: The times are a-changin’
by John Nicholson,, Monday 1st January 2018 11:51.

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