Art America Schnippit

At high noon at the end of the world, there will be no America to defend. It will be gone long before capital has had its way with us, long gone before it has leeched the blood out of every last living thing until the never living immensity of space heaves one final sigh and casts, as Robespierre once commanded, what once was into the void. This is the America of tomorrow.

So, I must ask you, what is to be done today?

For America, no doubt, speaks to us. It interpellates us into submission through a medieval form of psychic torture. Tie a horse to each of our limbs; stick the spurs of a boot into their haunches; watch us being ripped to shreds.

Our only choice, then, is to gather the courage to act.

We have nothing but America to lose and the world to win.

Ryan Mahan
in Brad Feuerhelm’s Goodbye America. 2017

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