A Festival Schnippet

… scolding certain sections of the audience for not laughing as immediately or as hard as other sections of the audience has become as predictable a part of Lee’s sets as Roy Chubby Brown’s racism or Peter Kay’s references to things off of the recent past. It was funny the first time, and sometimes still is when Lee does it, though I do feel he needs to drop this compulsion now and push in newer, alternative directions…. Lesser comics … now seem to be incorporating this crowd-bashing stuff into their own sets, often making the mistake of damning not just part of the audience for being too slow on the uptake (as Lee does) but their whole damn audience, thus losing the room entirely instead of cheekily dividing it. Here comes the BAFTA nominated telly jester, bemoaning the slothfulness of the “Wednesday night crowd”. There goes the lesser-known comedian’s comedian, who thinks this alehouse loftspace’s punters didn’t understand his sophisticated satirical analogy (we did understand it, it just wasn’t amusing enough to make us laugh heartily). Sometimes it is not the audience’s fault. Sometimes it is your weak material or faulty performance of it. Sometimes you need to up your game.

JR Moores

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