Another Festival Schnippet

The social apocalypse plunges deeper: talking at gigs has now infected the Fringe

Worse than heckling, which can be tackled head-on and nipped in the bud by your confident comics, is a quieter but no less annoying habit which is more difficult for the artist to address or, at times, even notice: the fucking act of fucking chatting during the fucking performance. As The Quietus and others have reported over the last couple of years, talking at gigs seems to be on the rise because of selfie culture or bad parenting or the creeping empathy-extinguishing epidemic of right-wing attitudes or the fact that the yoof fink it dope to play their toons thru their tiny, tinny phone speakers at full volume on trains while munching a Subway sandwich more obscene in odour than the Quiet Coach toilet cubicle that their mate just threw up in or the death of libraries or whatever the hell is causing it.

JR Moores

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