Mr Susie’s Last Chance Cabaret

@the Voodoo Rooms, 19:15–20:10:

Mr Susie is an alien from another planet. His accent wanders and wobbles all over the place, and he is sometimes possessed by the spirit of Marcia Godella-Birdo, a glamorous cabaret goddess, who urges Mr Susie to put on a show so her old club can be saved from demolition. Mr Susie, being an alien, doesn’t really understand what cabaret is, but he’s willing to give it a go.[1]

The alien coming to Earth for comic effect is a well-worn idea, and a bar that is set rather high: one thinks of Robin Williams and Andy Kaufman. This bar was set rather lower. The routine involved the systematic deconstruction of the constituent arts of cabaret, but the performances weren’t good enough to be pastiche, they were barely half-arsed. Mark Williams though was brilliant in the background: he hardly said a word, just ate a sandwich and a packet of crisps. His timing and his unconvinced straight-man routine didn’t so much steal the show, so much as it was the show. I would much rather have watched him responding to an off-stage alien for an hour, but…

[1] Short Com. Retrieved 10 August 2014.

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