And The Goat Remained A Goat

@the Voodoo Rooms, 17:00:

Harry Price: ghost hunter, psychic investigator, conjurer and debunker, a man of mystery and contradictions. Uncover his myth with Professor Richard Wiseman, The Creative Martyrs, a little magic, music and some paranormal happenings.[1]

A show based on the real-life adventures of 1930s psychic investigator Mr Harry Price, that lasts about an hour and involves the performance of prestidigitation, oodles of creepy music, the projection of rare film footage, and a smattering of paranormal happenings.[3]

You don’t turn up at Professor Richard Wiseman events expecting a dusty old lecture. And sure enough the expert on public understanding of psychology, who is also a member of the Magic Circle, makes objects move unexpectedly, predicts the future and appears to mesmerise an audience member. He also throws in a couple of jokes.

The Professor is joined by ghoulish duo the Creative Martyrs who chip in with jolly songs about his subject, 1930s paranormal investigator Harry Price. Price documented hauntings during the jazz years, before hooking up with the Nazis and black magic.[2]

A curious, charming, and intriguing show, that didn’t outstay it’s welcome: it worked on the free-fringe because it exceeded expectations. The magic was low key and a little wobbly, but that seemed to suit the Harry Price story, and the show kept a reasonable rhythm by switching back and forth between Professor Wiseman and The Creative Martyrs. Price seemed to be one of those odd eccentrics, that always had to be English, one of those cul-de-sacs you’ve passed by somewhere along the road but have never had the need to investigate further (and never will). The show was sedate, simple, and suited to an hour after afternoon tea.

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