The Great Raymondo #031

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This Week: Walking the thin-line between… ‘different countries’.

I think in the last few days an important lesson we’ve learned is that 10%=30%. #unionistmath [@meljomur]

SNP in the line of fire

The first minister has long argued that there is a fundamental difference between Scottish and English attitudes that makes Ukip an irrelevance in Scotland. Not only has that been shown to be wide of the mark… More ominously for Mr Salmond, it signalled that Euroscepticism may be just as prevalent north of the border as it is south of it.


A good point well made

“In the 2009 European elections, UKIP got 16.5% of the vote in the UK as a whole, and 5.2% in Scotland – a gap of 11.3%. In this year’s election the tallies were 27.5% in the UK and 10.5% in Scotland – a gap of 17%…

In other words, despite all the bluster from Unionists about how Scotland can no longer claim to be different to the rest of the UK in terms of supporting Nigel Farage’s party, in fact the degree of difference has substantially increased, by a whopping 55%.”

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