Harold And Maude

Another good one. Not great, of course, but different and distinct. I couldn’t remember if I’d seen it before, I think I had, the thing that clinched it was the soundtrack – it sucked, it just feels wrong. It feels about five years too late for the clash of youthful cynicism and the elder appreciation of a hard-fought life. It’s too sunny.

The strange thing was that I was drawn to the film by the soundtrack in the first place, more specifically I was drawn to the soundtrack by the song Trouble, which I know because of Kristin Hersh’s version. The original has none of the qualities of the cover and doesn’t stand out from the rest of the soundtrack, the fact that I’d forgotten id ever heard it, is probably most telling.

The film fails I suppose because of the two leads, they are not really characters, more concepts (in the Murakami sense) and are therefore impossible to empathise with, or to really believe – they don’t exist in anyone else’s world.

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