Fortune’s Oxjam Unsigned Festival 2013

Lewis Kaye:
According to the setlist, Lewis Kaye was supposed to be the opening act at the Banshee Labyrinth, but there was a band playing when I got there. A three-piece, with unconvincing American accents playing Tom Petty-lite, but without a voice or lyrics you could connect with. Could have been the same singer, same dodgy Americanisms, looks similar, so…

Where’s George:
I’d seen these before, and I know they have some fans. Last time I thought they had some potential, but it wasn’t there yet. On this evidence, it still isn’t. they’re too slow, the drums especially. the drums are just too polite. They covered Suffragette City, but it didn’t reach take off speed.

Let Love Rule:
I think this was the band that were playing when I headed down to Bannerman’s around 21.00, but they should have been on around 20.30 and they were still going till 21.40, so the schedule clearly didn’t mean shit! They were fucking boring either way, similar to what Toro Y Moi do to old-school dance music, ie. take something that was good and play it underwater, reducing it to bland, out of focus background music. Anyway, this lot used the same trick on rather poorer quality source material, ie. late 80s white-soul cross-over shit! Johnny Hates Jazz would be a name that springs to mind!!! (it’s not a name that had previously sprung to mind, at least since the nightmares stopped, but…!!!!). The next band on were definitely called Another Blurry page, the name would have suited this lot better, and then even Lenny Kravitz wouldn’t have reason to feel insulted!

Another Blurry Photo:
This lot came on around 21.50, I recognized one band member from Henry’s last week. I didn’t stay.

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