The Great Raymondo #028

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This Week: Walking the thin-line between… Shaving Foam & Silly String

If you’re gonna get caught on film, choose a programme your judge doesn’t care for!

Jonnie Marbles tries to throw shaving foam at Rupert Murdoch. He gets six weeks in jail.

Two men attack Fiona Bruce with silly string. They get £80 fixed penalty fines.

Contrary to the BBC’s headline in the Bruce article, a fixed penalty notice is not a fine. A fine is a sentence after somebody has been found guilty. Police sometimes issue a Caution (the accused person admits guilt and gets a temporary criminal record lasting five years). A fixed penalty notice is a flat fee for alleged minor anti-social behaviour; it does not admit guilt and is not a criminal record.

Marbles, meanwhile, immediately appealed against his sentence. His judge decided to send him to jail while that is pending, so even if his appeal quashed the custodial sentence, he will have spent the time in jail anyway and not receive any compensation.

Compare and Contrast
by Merrick
Aug 05, 2011, 11:35

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