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Could Arsene Wenger look any more physically tense; just looking at him makes you feel worried. He looks like a man waiting for a proctologist to enter the room. Every muscle seems gripped with fear and worry.


But more worrying is the increase in pompous doctors who come on the radio or programmes like The One Show to give us guidelines, telling us, “Those of us who think we’re drinking moderately may still be at risk. For example if you have one glass of wine and then later in life have another, you are technically an alcoholic.”

Then they say, “Of course there’s no harm in drinking safely. I often enjoy an Italian wine with my evening meal, by opening the bottle and pouring it all into a bush. That way there’s only a small risk to my liver, as long as I do it once a month as a treat.”


If they advertise a speed of up to eg 8mb and the user only gets 5mb and will never get near 8mb then in my view Ofcom should force ISP’s to only be able to charge the percentage of the full product the user actually gets. Let’s face it if you went to buy a pint of beer and the barstaff said you can get up to a pint for the price of a full one and you only got 2/3rds because of alleged overheads etc but had to pay full price, OFT would have something to say as would Trading Standards!!!

Comment by Saurus on 29 Jul 2011

And More Bullshit!

A story which suggested that users of Internet Explorer have a lower IQ than people who chose other browsers appears to have been an elaborate hoax.


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